My first morning I woke up in Annapolis I had a hankering for a hearty breakfast.  After a quick run to the Harbor and back, I pulled myself together to join Jen, a colleague at Loews Annapolis, at West Kitchen & Tavern.  We opted to sit outside on the great patio as it was the start of an absolutely beautiful summer’s day on the Chesapeake.  The menu was just my style with enough variety to provide deliberation without being overwhelming.  I eyed the Crab Benedict, but Jen twisted my arm by raving about the frittata.

West Breakfast

As we discussed the local happenings, the waitress brought me a tall glass of delicious orange juice.  It was slightly pulp-y which is fine by me and after the first few large gulps, I realized I needed to pace my Vitamin C intake.  Soon after, we received our breakfast.  Jen kept it simple with a poached egg while my frittata was a bit more involved.  And oh-so-good.   The egg dish was topped with seasonal vegetables (mushrooms & carrots), as well as goat cheese (the best part!) and arugula salad.  Generally when I order an omelette or something similar, I have a few bites and start to wish I had ordered something sweet, but that was far from the case this time around.  Not to mention, I was hitting multiple buckets of the food pyramid which is a feat for me at most meals!

Annapolis Road Trip 016

My second morning in Annapolis, Jen said three little words that were music to my ears.  Man Vs. Food.  Evidently the Travel Channel crew previously came to Annapolis with their sights set on the local breakfast institution, Chick and Ruth’s Delly. While I was looking forward to a filling breakfast, I certainly wasn’t about to attempt any of the four ‘Man Vs. Food’ challenges (including drinking a 6 pound milkshake!).


We walked over to Chick and Ruth’s on Main Street from the Loews Annapolis and as I pushed open the swinging door, I realized this was the real deal.  Places like this always intimidate me because there clearly is a method to the madness and if you don’t know what it is, many times (at least in New York City) you are exiled.  Luckily, Jen spotted two stools at the bar and we saddled up to the counter top swiftly to avoid ridicule (although the staff here seemed far too nice for such behavior).

Annapolis Road Trip 191

An enthusiastic server handed us menus and got us in business with place settings and waters.  Jen and I both opted for egg sandwiches despite sitting in front of the wall-of-fame which divulged many of the locals’ favorite (and much more complex) orders.  I was torn on whether to also indulge in one of Chick and Ruth’s homemade chocolate doughnuts which looked heavenly in the glass case, but I opted to keep it simple with the breakfast sandwich.


I have to admit that later in the afternoon while on a sailing excursion, my mind kept going back to the Chick & Ruth’s chocolate glazed doughnut that I passed up earlier in the day.  So after we came back to shore, Jen and I walked up Main Street and I slipped back through the swinging doors of Chick & Ruth’s for my afternoon treat.  It was the best dollar I’ve spent in a long time….

Chicks doughnut