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As I first created the concept of a Loews Hotels & Resorts summer ‘Road Trip’, images came to mind of the road trips that my family took during my childhood.  We never went cross-country, or even to the Midwest for that matter, but we covered the Eastern Seaboard from top to bottom on four wheels.  We spent summers in the Northeast and the coast of Georgia, holidays often took us to Florida, and we circuited through the Mid-Atlantic for my brother’s soccer tournaments.  If anything is going to test a family’s bond, it is being cooped up in a Buick for endless hours listening to Oldies on the radio.

I knew I-95 like the palm of my hand before I turned double-digits, and my parents tried to occupy my time with games centered around license plates, billboards, and the atlas.  Yes, we had a large Rand McNally atlas that was stored behind the headrest in the backseat, and I spent hours flipping through the colorful State pages in between reading the ‘South of the Border’ billboard signs aloud.  (I realize anyone under the age of 30 is Wikipedia-ing ‘atlas’ at this point).

As I explore each of the 16 Loews Hotels & Resorts destinations over the next 4 months for Wish You Were Here, I’m sure many aspects of the journey will bring back memories of my travels throughout the years, but alas, I did have to succumb to the fact that the majority of my jaunt will take place on a plane or train and not the antique VW van that I had pictured in my head.

Given my affinity for my travel memories, it is not surprising that my summer Road Trip starts in the same city where most of my childhood travels began.  So, without further ado…let’s explore Washington, D.C. together.