@rambammaa #TravelForReal at Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel
Santa Monica

What’s a stay in Santa Monica really like? Let us turn the stage over to our actual guests, so you can see what it’s like to experience Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel through their eyes. According to these Loews Santa Monica #TravelForReal guests, it’s all about…


When you’re on vacation – or in an oceanfront setting that makes you feel like you’re on vacation – it’s fun to indulge. And calories don’t count on vacation, right?!

Taking in the Natural Beauty

Santa Monica is an incredibly photogenic city but one of its best assets is each evening’s uniquely beautiful sunset.

Whether it be how the hotel’s stunning architecture frames the scene or a simple shot of the sun setting over the Pacific, it’s impossible not to capture a post-worthy shot.

Photo by @camtcamt123

Photo by @camtcamt123

Living the Life in Santa Monica

Sitting seaside at a private fire pit with a cocktail or coffee in hand and maybe something fun to read by your side makes you feel like all is right in the world. Taking a moment to document the good life, these people sure know how to make their “followers” jealous:

Photo by @mariya_shm

Photo by @mariya_shm

However you do it, Loews Santa Monica is worth doing for real.