Located right in the heart of Midtown, Loews Atlanta is in the middle of it all. Offering luxuries of urban living and natural beauty, locals and visitors have the best of both worlds. Whether looking to savor a new dish in a hot new restaurant, explore the great outdoors or simply relax in the comfort of your hotel, you’ll find the experience you need at Loews Atlanta in Midtown. But hey, don’t take our word for it. Explore the hotel and neighborhood through the lens of our guests and other visitors as we #TravelForReal:


Take advantage of such a walkable area and explore a bit of what the neighborhood has to offer. You can enjoy hundreds of festivals throughout the year like @nikitad31 did, or choose to follow the lead of @maryclairephoto and embark on a family adventure of your own along the Atlanta BeltLine.

@jess823 preps Jezebel for the Midtown puparazzi while @sthtaylr explores local street art in surrounding neighborhoods.


Locals and visitors will both agree that Atlanta is a choice destination to eat and drink your way though. (There are more restaurants in this city than days I am old!) Outstanding dining options are all around you, one of which is only a short elevator ride away. Perfectly crafted cocktails can be found at Saltwood Charcuterie & Bar in the hotel lobby. Just ask @motaparla who captures her refreshing gin & tonic. Our house-made charcuterie and artisan cheeses that @shelbi9 enjoys are very popular as well.

You-time is an absolute must regardless of whether it is business or leisure that brings you to Atlanta. How do you choose to put your best foot forward? For @lalablair, it’s a relaxing and detoxifying visit to the hammam (similar to a Turkish bath). Others, like @heelsandjuice prefer a morning Barre class in exhale to start their day off right.


The skyline in Midtown is a real looker. You will have stunning views from nearly any vantage point inside or outside of the hotel. Waking up for a conference, @chrysbeard starts the day off on a good note with a morning sunrise while @jeremiahcowan enjoys an urban sunset from the comfort of his room.

@Motaparla captures the vibrant landscape from the outside looking in while @natecook7 prefers to kick his feet up and relish the moment. No matter where you look, there is beauty all around you.

Pack your bags, get your Make your own memories in Atlanta and tell the world how you #TravelForReal.