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Thanksgiving may be a “holiday” but that doesn’t change the fact that it can be a great deal of work. Be it preparing a large meal, hosting people, traveling, family drama or all of the above, Thanksgiving stress is real. All the physical and emotional buildup may leave you reeling and in need of some Thanksgiving recovery tips:


Following this notoriously gluttonous meal, in which you more than likely stuffed more than just the turkey, one of the best ways to rebound is to simply get moving.

Something as simple as taking a post-Thanksgiving dinner walk can make a difference and help you to clear not only your stomach but your mind as well.  Some ideal Santa Monica walks include Palisades Park, the Strand and even walking Third Street Promenade.

With its active culture and mild climate, Santa Monica lends itself perfectly to being active in other ways, too. Be it hiking on one of the many trails, climbing the Santa Monica Stairs or taking one of Loews Santa Monica’s Beach Yoga classes, there is something for everyone.

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box workout, try a fun activity like ICE at Santa Monica, a premier 8,000-square-foot outdoor ice skating rink by the beach that comes every holiday season.

And we all know that exercise has not only physical but mental benefits as well, which can help us survive the holidays.


Retail Therapy

Stimulating your senses with enjoyable sights, sounds and scents, shopping often has the ability to boost our moods and spirits — that’s why they call it retail therapy. Shopping can provide a much needed release after the stress of Thanksgiving.

And, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s common knowledge that some of the best shopping deals of the year come just after Thanksgiving. Nearby Santa Monica Place offers a complimentary Visitor Rewards Card which provides up to $750 savings to stores in the mall.

And, even if you’re on a budget, browsing holiday window displays can be fun.

Loews Santa Monica's Ocean Spa

Loews Santa Monica’s Ocean Spa

You Time

Since this is the “season of giving,” it’s sometimes difficult to find time for yourself.  Not only can the holidays sometimes be a difficult emotional time for people, but, with all the giving and doing, they can often leave us feeling tapped out.  This is why it’s important to remember to take time for ourselves and refuel.

Whether it’s shopping, pampering or simply being, make sure to make “me time” this holiday season.

For you, “me time” may mean lounging at the beach, meditating or treating yourself to a relaxing spa day.  Make an appointment at Loews Santa Monica’s Ocean Spa for a Gourd-eous Pumpkin Facial and spend the rest of the day lounging at our oceanfront pool.

Additionally, a lot of times if we can get away from thinking about ourselves we feel better. With so many people out there who don’t have a loving family they can share a home cooked feast with, the holidays are a great time to volunteer.  While doing for others may seem counter-productive to “me time,” but, fact, giving to those in need can end up giving you great satisfaction in return.

However you find it, get some necessary post-Thanksgiving peace of mind… before Christmas comes!