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Thinking about visiting Boston during the winter? Boston winters can be intimidating; however, we have a few tips and tricks to share that will help make your trip memorable, regardless of the snowfall. To gather our helpful tips we asked our very own Director of Finance, Mr. Chris Duff, a native Bostonian who has lived in Massachusetts for more than 30 years. He shared some great advice to help our fellow travelers brave the winter.

Winter is Coming (Packing)

Your trip is right around the corner, you’ve started thinking about packing your largest coat, grabbing every sweater you own, and jumping on the suitcase a few times to get it to close. We can tell you it is a little easier than that. Chris recommends planning each of your days out in advance and packing your wardrobe according to number of days.  This will keep you from over packing and making the process more complicated and frustrating. Think LAYERS; each day should consist of one top layer and a few underneath to keep warm. Layers allow you to adjust quickly on the go and make the necessary adjustments from inside weather to outside weather. The biggest items in your bag should be those snow boots, and maybe one or two extra sweaters. And do not forget to include a nice pair of gloves, a hat, and scarf! Now that your packing is complete, the journey begins!

Ah! It’s Cold Outside! (Now what?)

The plane has landed in Boston and you take the first steps outside the airport. It’s cold; we know, but the winter can be quite beautiful once you start to explore. Don’t fear being outside — Chris recommends going to the Boston Commons for ice skating, sightseeing, and playing in the snow. Make a few snowballs and have fun with the family or build a snowman in the park that will then be shared with others. With all the layers of clothing you prepared and are now sporting it can be easy to forget that it is even cold out. Especially when you are having fun. For inside activities, we love the great selection of museums including the Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Science, or Boston Children’s Museum.

It's cold!

It’s cold!

You’re an Honorary Bostonian (Leaving)

You played in the snow, got to see how beautiful winter can be, and braved the cold; you have officially become an honorary Bostonian. It’s that time to start thinking about packing the suit case back up and figuring out how to get all the trinkets you bought inside. Once you have arrived back home there is one last piece of advice Chris wants to share. Since there is a dramatic change in temperature, it can shock your body leading to a cold. To prevent this make sure to get plenty of sleep and eat vegetables!

Downtown Boston

Downtown Boston

Congratulations, you survived a New England vacation! By following these few tips and tricks it should make winter less intimidating. Now you can share your wisdom with friends and family for their winter vacation in Boston!