It’s a New Year, a fresh start, a great time to tap into your fitness inspiration. Core Fusion classes are pulsing, treadmills are buzzing and you can hear yogis Ohmmm-ing all over the city!

If your resolutions include ideas of a stronger, more centered you, exhale has some ideas to help you reach out and grab those goals. Here are some helpful hints to achieving your 2017 best self!

be kind to yourself

If you’re just beginning a new fitness routine or changing nutrition habits, you may face some challenges in the beginning stages of these new behaviors. That’s OK! Don’t let yourself down by quitting. You are meant to be exactly where you are. Every day that you make positive choices for you, you are creating your best self! KEEP GOING!

be accountable

Enlist the influence of a friend who is like minded in their goals. Holding yourself and your goal-loving pals accountable is a great way to stay on track, and have fun doing it! Make plans, sign up for your Barre, Yoga, and Cycling classes in advance, and stick to your schedule. Find your favorite recipes and share them with your fitness circle — this will help your weekly meal prep and ability to whip up quick dinners. Be a great source of inspiration to your friends and let them inspire you to KEEP GOING!

be consistent!

Consistency is the path to success! Set your fitness goals and work at them every day. When you achieve them (and you will!), set new goals and repeat.

Brianna Norton, exhale Atlanta’s Mind Body Manager says, “I would suggest 2 to 3 barre classes per week to tone and tighten your body, mixed with a yoga class or two and some cardio to round out your week. If you are newer to barre, pace yourself. We work in progressions in all of our classes and use wisdom over ego. Patience, persistence, dedication and consistency are key.”

Every workout will leave you stronger. Above all, don’t quit! If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. KEEP GOING!