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When you step into the Nate Berkus Signature Suite at Loews Regency, you know it’s completely one-of-a-kind. Since Loews Regency Hotel re-opened its doors from a $100 million renovation, it remains one of the hotel’s most buzzed-about areas. Nate, an award-winning interior designer, along with long time Design Director Sasha Adler, were the creative minds behind the thoughtful and highly personalized suite. Nate Berkus Team I Loews Regency New York So to light up the lobby like no other New York City hotel this holiday season, Loews Regency New York has again partnered with renowned interior design firm Nate Berkus Associates to curate the hotel’s holiday tree. The firm’s Design Directors Lauren Buxbaum Gordon & Sasha Adler led the project and wanted to re-imagine the majestic 15-foot tall tree in the hotel’s lobby (even Architectural Digest got wind of the project) . Nate’s philosophy has always been, your home should tell your story. Lauren and Sasha told us, it’s a similar approach for holiday décor. They wanted to create for their tree at Loews Regency a classic, alluring and inspired holiday moment. To share inspiration for filling your own home with festive and fitting decor this season, we chatted with Lauren & Sasha. Following are their tips from the Loews Regency design project and all things décor and holiday-centric. But first, we caught their tree-trimming process via time-lapse:


We have to know, what is your holiday decorating motto?

Lauren & Sasha:

“We want to think outside of the box when decorating for the holidays. Like hanging baubles on unexpected things, be it a powder room door knob or branches that are arranged in a vase. Emphasizing the cozy factor is also key. Our favorite winter scented candles are brought out, and chunky knit throws replace our lighter ones. This year, we got to really exercise our creativity with the tree we designed for the Loews Regency in New York, which is adorned with a dramatic white peacock and white feathers in place of ornaments.”

Nate Berkus Design Directors I Loews Regency New York  Andrew Werner Photography

Speaking of Loews Regency, describe the inspiration for the décor.

Lauren & Sasha:

“The idea here is that not all holiday décor needs to be traditional. For example, your color scheme can be a neutral palette as opposed to bright colors. We have a thing for peacocks, and this was the perfect excuse to incorporate one in the decor. We stumbled upon a selection of feathers while shopping at our favorite floral wholesaler, Kennicott, and the ideas started flowing from there. We wanted the tree to feel as classic and iconic as the Loews Regency itself, and fit in perfectly with the sophisticated, modern feel of the hotel lobby. We love that we got to create this important moment in the lobby of the hotel. The holidays should always feel a bit glamorous, and the tree needed to live up to that.”

You clearly live and breathe design. Any gift ideas for design lovers?


“I purchased my husband a chic wine decanter from Bloomingdales Home by RBT that both removes the sediments and aerates the wine. It also comes with a tray to keep your red wine from dripping on the kitchen counter. You can purchase a bunch of coordinating wine-related accessories for it too. It’s perfect for a wine lover, or design-savvy hostess gift.”

What tips do you have for hosting guests and entertaining at the holidays?

Lauren & Sasha:

“Don’t take on too much. Believe it or not, your guests want to spend time with you too! Lighting a fire, dimming the lights, playing festive music, and making sure everyone’s glasses are full will go a long way.”

Christmas Tree detail I Loews Regency New York Andrew Werner Photography Here’s to your season being festive and bright! When you choose to plan a holiday visit to NYC, Loews Regency New York is ready to be your warm and welcoming home for the holidays. To see guests’ photos of the tree, follow the hashtag #ParkAveHoliday.