New York City Park Avenue at night I Loews Regency New York
New York City

If you’ve been to New York City or even watched a movie about it, you know all about a “New York Minute.” Where 24 hours can feel like 60 seconds … a whole experience happens in an instant.

We captured this video of 24 hours on Park Avenue viewed from Loews Regency New York and felt inspired! When you keep up with New York’s pace, the possibilities for memorable experiences seem infinite.

I asked four notable New Yorkers to share how a “New York Minute” is different than anywhere else, and what their favorite 24 hours in the Big Apple looks like:

Chris Heywood
Senior Vice President, Global Communications, NYC & Company

Chris Heywood NYC and Company I Loews Regency New York

“A New York Minute” has unrivaled energy, excitement and buzz.

24 Hours of my NYC would be spent eating at fantastic restaurants, walking the beautiful and vibrant neighborhoods, seeing the city from up high (High Line anyone?), admiring the incredible movement and motion of the city, and my favorite, people watching.

Suelyn Farel
CEO, Julien Farel Group

Suelyn Farel CEO Julien Farel I Loews Regency New York

This video truly shows how much of a buzz goes on in NYC from morning until night! The POV from Loews Regency all the way down Park Avenue to the Helmsley Building is sensational. “A New York Minute” moves faster than a minute anywhere else in the world, be it Hong Kong, London or Paris. We do more in a minute, hour or day, than most locales do in a week. As the CEO of a fast-paced beauty company, we call it “Beat The Clock!”

My favorite 24 hours of activity in NYC would be Sunday, because that is the one day the “New York Minute” takes a pause…usually it’s spent as a family, with a leisurely brunch, a walk through Central Park, a nap and a movie at home.

Nick Graham
Menswear Designer, Nick Graham

Nick Graham Designer I Loews Regency New York

What happens in “A New York Minute” is like a lifetime anywhere else. In the time New Yorkers have woken up, run 10 miles, gone to work, changed the world, gotten married, had a family and retired; LA is still trying to figure out what side of the bed to get out of.

24 Hours in NYC: Scientists say that one issue of the Sunday New York Times contains as much information as a man in the 1800’s would be exposed to in his entire lifetime. One day in New York can be the same. If you didn’t sleep and planned really well, you could have a lifetime of experiences in 24 hours that would last you forever. And then it would still only be Monday.

Simon Mais
Managing Director, Loews Regency New York

Simon Mais Managing Director Loews Regency New York Hotel

“A New York Minute” is unlike anyplace in the world. The pace is exhilarating. Things are always happening around you. It forces you to elevate your game.

My New York Minute in 24 hours would go like this:

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