TravelForReal by @bethaniegarcia | Loews Chicago Hotel
Chicago O'Hare

One advantage amongst the many of being a hotel located near a major airport is all of the wonderful tips and tidbits one is able to pick up from our well-traveled guests. That’s certainly the case here at Loews Chicago O’Hare.

Below are the top five tips we hear from frequent travelers on flying with children:

  1. Fly on the first flight out to your destination

    Flying out first thing almost guarantees that your flight will not be delayed, and no delays means less time idle in one place with excited (and/or fussy) children.

  1. Early boarding? Yes, please

    When you overhear the gate agent welcome any families flying with kids, be sure to take advantage. Boarding before others means more overhead bin space, and of course, more time to get settled with your young ones.

  1. Book the bulkhead

    If you’re flying with an infant (typically, by airline standards, 25 pounds and under), this can be especially helpful. Bulkheads are a great place to stretch one’s legs, yes, but they are also one of the few areas on the plane where an airline’s bassinet can be set up.

  1. BYO headphones

    The airline may provide them, but if they happen to only offer ear buds you may be out of luck as most ear buds aren’t designed for little ears. (And don’t forget to preload your smart device with movies and games. You never know when the in-flight entertainment may decide that it’s taking the day off.)

  1. Snacks, snacks and more snacks

    Although it used to be the norm for airlines to provide snacks to its passengers, it no longer can be counted on as a certainty. The only thing worse than a tired, grouchy toddler is a hungry, tired, grouchy toddler, so make sure to bring a few snacks along to prevent the aforementioned nuclear meltdown.

Happy Traveling!