It’s late, you just landed at O’Hare International Airport and the peanuts and water provided by the airline didn’t exactly provide you with the proper “full feeling”. As you make your way to the CTA Blue Line Train to head into the city, it becomes apparent you need to figure out where in the world you are going to find an all-day menu this late. A glimmer of hope… room service will do the trick, and then you remember that’s an additional 30 minutes of hunger pains waiting for it to be delivered.

Not well versed in the local eateries near the hotel, you begin to wonder if you will be sitting in your hotel room eating the pricey mini-bar snacks while watching the Food Network and drooling over the homemade cheese lasagna they’re featuring. As you arrive at the hotel, it seems as though there is a hustle and bustle in the lobby. This is promising; this means that there is potential for 10 PM dinner! Finding decent late-night food can be challenging when you just want to sink your teeth into something substantial to kill the hangry beast inside. So we’ve compiled a list of places to eat late, after a long day of traveling, all within walking distance of Loews Chicago Hotel.

ETA (Lobby of Loews Chicago)

Menu available from 11:30 AM – 11 PM
The recently launched all-day menu at ETA offers a range of bites and brews to keep you full and happy. Executive Chef Kevin Atkinson approached the task of creating this new menu with the goal of having options for everyone that are full of the freshest ingredients and bursting with flavor.

“I enjoy the turkey club sandwich. It actually took me quite a bit of trial and error to come up with it. Sometimes the simple things are the hardest. I knew I wanted to use roasted turkey and that was about it. I tried a couple different types of bread, sourdough, whole wheat, etc. Then I remembered seeing some caramel walnut bread used for something else and thought that would work well, but I did not know what other components to pair with. I made a couple versions with this bread and mayo but something was not working. One night I was commuting home on my bike and thought caramel and apples. Bingo!

From there I integrated pickled apple slices for some acid, glazed slab bacon with brown sugar and hot sauce for some spice and smoke flavor. Every club sandwich needs lettuce and tomato. Then I created an apple cider aioli with the flavors of mulling spices and fennel. This tied it all together. Sweet, salty, smoky, and heat with the right amount of crunch from the lettuce. This is a fun sandwich to eat!” —Chef Kevin Atkinson, Loews Chicago Hotel

For the light eater, the Kale Cobb Salad offers everything the traditional Cobb Salad would with a twist. If you’re craving some big bites, we’re partial to the Crab Cakes.

Now that you’ve finally eaten, it’s worth checking out the cocktail menu for a night cap. Seasonal cocktails are always the way to go, not only because they are available for a limited time, but generally there are some super creative mixes that you wouldn’t normally think pair well together!

Here are several other late-night options should you find yourself in a hunger-predicament in downtown Chicago.

The Purple Pig –  a Swine and Wine Restaurant, 10-minute walk from the hotel.
The Grand Lux Café – a standard range of American fare and bar and a 10-minute walk from the hotel.
Howell’s & Hood – gastropub offering a range of American fare, huge bar menu and great outdoor space. Just steps from the hotel next to the NBC Tower.