Miami Beach

With more than 34% of Miami’s population hailing from the Caribbean island of Cuba, eating like a local is a deliciously easy feat. Piled high with Cubanos, pastelitos, maduros and more, the Magic City boasts a culmination of Cuban flair and flavor that shouldn’t be missed on your next visit. If you’re not sure where to get started on your food escape, let our list of favorite bites guide the way to your next meal.

Miami Smokers

Miami Smokers

Depending on where you’re from, you may argue the origins of the original Cuban sandwich, but regardless of its roots, we know the best was bred in Miami. Topping The Miami New Times’ list of the greatest Cuban sandwiches, Miami Smokers ups the ante by serving Berkshire heritage port butts tossed in a secret sauce, vacuum-sealed, and finished off with a sous vide preparation for half a day. If that doesn’t already have your taste buds tingling, the same process happens with the ham and then it’s layered with pickled English cucumbers and La Rubia beer-brewed mustard.


La Rosa Bakery

Before I moved to Miami I had never even heard of a pastelito, let alone tasted one. I settled into the city then quickly bought a pastry at the nearest street corner and as soon as I sunk my teeth in the sugary goodness I was hooked. Filled with guava, coconut, meat, ham & cheese, the pastelitos at La Rosa Bakery will have you drooling for more. Their recipes, passed down from generation to generation, guarantee an authentic and indulgent experience.

Havana 1957

If you’re in search of traditional Cuban cuisine look no further than Havana 1957. Only a short walk from Loews Miami Beach Hotel, this place transports you back to the glory and glamour of old Cuba during the 1950s. Their menu showcases tried and true flavors including Yuquita con Tasajo, Tostones Rellenos Havana, Fricase de Pollo and Coconut Flan.

Now, who’s hungry?!