If you are planning to visit Montreal this year, you probably realized that the city is celebrating its 375th anniversary, and its going to be BIG! If you have not yet decided to choose Montreal as your next  travel destination, here are 5 reasons why you need to visit us this year.

The Food is AMAZING!

As as foodie, I must say that we are spoiled by the diversity our restaurants offer. There are dozens upon dozens of award-winning restaurants in the city, such as Le Toqué, which has been named the best restaurant in Canada in 2016 by Canada’s 100Best restaurants, and Foxy restaurant.

We Have Four Seasons of Fun

As Montrealers, we are not afraid of the weather — nothing stops us! From spring to winter, there are always plenty of activities. To celebrate the city’s 375 years of history, Tourisme Montreal put together a list of 375 activities to do. We bet you’ll find some on there to add to your bucket list.

It’s a Sports City

When we talk about Montreal sports, it’s bound to be hockey. However, we also love other sports and we host important sport events throughout the year, such as Ski Tour Canada, Jeux du Québec, Montreal Marathon and the Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada. There’s always a game to see: the city’s pro sports teams and events range from hockey (the Montréal Canadiens) to football (Alouettes), soccer (Impact) and tennis (Rogers Cup).

We Have the Perfect Family Packages

Traveling with kids is not always easy but we’ve got you covered with indoor and outdoor activities year-round. From fishing in Montreal Old Port, learning about the stars at the Planetarium or having butterflies land on you at the Botanical Gardens, you will find lots to do that will keep the kids happy. Also, check out the special Family Package offered by Tourisme Montreal to get exclusive offers and deals on hotels.

We are a Multicultural Destination

Montreal is not only popular because of its culture, but also for its diversity. The city is a multicultural destination, and locals are open-minded people who love to celebrate and mingle with each other, as well as our visitors. One of the most celebratory times of year is in August, when we gather for the annual Montréal Pride celebrations — always a good time.

We hope to see you soon!