The nostalgia surrounding the holiday season is unique to everyone. Lifelong memories have been created through conventional and completely bizarre traditions we grow up with. (For me, it often involved hysterical but embarrassing family misadventures straight out of a Griswold family Christmas.)

Sitting in a corner of a cozy coffee-house in Midtown, I listen as Loews Atlanta’s Director of Food & Beverage, Chris Matthew, shares his own unique stories over a hot cup of cocoa. For Chris, having grown up in Massachusetts as a part of a large Irish Catholic family, the holidays were always lively — from the younger years of seeing how many times he could watch A Christmas Story in a row, to the late-night stories told around the kitchen table which brought generations together.

He sips out of his mug and inhales deeply. “This is liquid nostalgia,” he laughs. “The taste and aroma of hot chocolate immediately brings me back to sitting by the fire after a long day of snowboarding.”

For Chris, it is the combination of his signature drink and the company of family and friends that embodies the holiday season. Over the years, a few adult libations found their way into this liquid nostalgia he enjoys every December:

Holiday Hot Chocolate

– 1oz Baileys
– .5oz Amaretto
– Godiva White Hot Chocolate
– Fresh Whipped Cream
– Shaved White Chocolate

Wishing you a happy holiday season! Savor every moment.